Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Cheering up

I think most people have days when they just feel a little down.   Sometimes these "blue days"have a reason but other times it seems like you wake up and feel a little off.  You know a little sad,  overworked, under appreciated, maybe overwhelmed.   Sound familiar?

Lane could take one look at me and know I was having one of those days.  He was really good at lifting my spirits with a hug or a laugh.  Just him asking me what was wrong helped cheer me up.  I guess just knowing he was there for me on good days and bad added the joy I needed to overcome any reason for being down.

It's hard to not having anyone to cheer me up when I need it.  Most of the time I pretend that everything is fine.  But there are many days that I could use a cheerleader on my team.

So how do I cheer myself up?  I call my 4 year old grandson who is funny, loves to talk on the phone and unconditionally loves me. He can make me smile when all else fails.  Sometimes I do retail therapy to give myself a little boost.  That doesn't work as well as it once did for me but it does get me up and out of my own head.  Treating myself to a manicure or massage is another way to cheer myself up a little bit.  Believe it or not, cleaning my house and purging old clothes and household items cheers me up.

Cheering up someone else helps cheer me up as well.  So I try and give random compliments to people I don't know.  It is fun to see them smile with a look of shock on their faces.  Connecting with an old friend or relative makes both of us feel better.  I guess just doing something that isn't all about me helps get me through a down time.

Not having your husband here to lift up your spirits when they need lifting is tough, unfair and down right annoying.  But it is the life we all live.  So how do you cheer yourself up when you need it?