Sunday, June 21, 2015

Father's Day

I think most of us would agree that holidays without our husbands are especially difficult days to get through.  And, on Father's Day we not only miss our spouses, many of us miss the other important man in our lives, our Dad.

My Dad was a great guy.  He liked to act tough but was a real softie.  He would raise his voice and think that would scare my brothers and I into listening but it was hard to accept the tough guy act when he would cry watching Bonanza on TV.  He's been gone nearly 30 years now and I still miss his undying devotion and encouragement. Even when I was an adult and we'd disagree he was unwavering in his support of my choices.  I think about him a lot and wonder what he would think of how I am handling my life since Lane died.  I hope he would be proud of me.

Lane reminded me of my Dad in many ways.  He didn’t need a million friends to make him feel loved or important. Like Dad, he only cared about the people he sincerely loved.  And to them, he was 100% committed.  Lane would do anything to try and make their lives easier or happier. He enjoyed being a part of their lives and having them be a part of his.

I also wondered why they didn't have a Husband's Day celebrating the virtues of husbands.  I hope as a wife I did that most every day of our marriage.  I know as a widow I think about what a good husband he was and how lucky I was to have him in my life for so many years.

So here is wishing you and your family a happy Father's Day.  Celebrate the days gone by and how so many were really wonderful days that you will always cherish.

And, let me know what you think about Husband's Day.  Make sense to set aside a specific day of the year to honor the husband?  Wish I did that when he was here to celebrate with me.